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About Maslow

Cultivating self-actualizing leaders and self-actualizing organizations

Pioneering A New Paradigm For Leadership And Organizations

A self-actualizing organization is a purpose-driven, people-focused, high performing organization. We provide coach certification programs and consulting on coaching systems designed towards building self-actualizing organizations. We equip leaders to become coaches and build a culture of coaching into the organizations. Our programs have three main objectives:

• Unleashing people potential
• Unleashing organizational potential
• Unleashing strategic potential

We believe that there is a new leadership paradigm that leads to understanding human dynamics and corporate dynamics in order to create world-class organizations and we pioneer that.

Read our article on Why work with Maslow Centre or watch a video from our CEO explaining our purpose.  

Maslow For the 21st Century

We are working on revising Maslow’s work for the 21st century and how it applies to organizational cultures.

Abraham Maslow, the author of the hierarchy of needs, is among the top 10 cited psychologists of the 20th century. He is one of the founding fathers of the humanistic psychology movement and his work explores the farther reaches of human nature, it explores our potential.  

The characteristics of self-actualizing people are even more relevant today. Our approach builds on Maslow’s view and helps leaders and organizations understand how to be more people and potential focused.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs provides a powerful framework to understand our potential for growth and to determine what’s preventing us from fulfilling that potential. Join us in the conversation to revise this influential model in the pursuit of building self-actualizing organizations.

Our Founders

Our founders came together with the same belief: that coaching has the power to pioneer change in the world. Through their experience, they’ve witnessed firsthand the effects of how the coaching mindset can maximize human and organizational potential. It was out of that shared vision, to teach leaders to invest in a culture where self-actualization is possible, that Maslow was founded.

Timothy Tiryaki

Timothy Tiryaki

PCC, M.Ed., PhD Candidate

Timothy is passionate about the intersection of organizational culture and coaching. With vast experience in marketing, sales and HR at large organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Intel and Index Group, he has coached C-level leaders and taught at Bogazici University Lifelong Learning Center, Global Knowledge Canada, and Simon Fraser University. He holds five coaching certificates, is trained in multiple coaching styles and is a PhD. candidate on building a culture of coaching for 21st century organizations. Timothy has four nationally published books in Turkish, including one on coaching, and he has worked with clients such as MEC, Telus, Aviso Wealth, Doctors of BC, and Suncor.

Diane Bonneau

Diane Bonneau


For over 20 years, Diane has inspired leaders and teams to take bolder risks, to focus their passion and to work creatively to fulfill an organization’s purpose. As an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) and a Professional Mentor Coach (PMC), she has mentored many coaches over the span of her career. She's a leading figure within the coaching community and her program, Mastery in Coaching, is highly sought after by coaches and leaders seeking to hone their skills and apply them within their organizations. She’s extensively involved in the coaching community as a Past-President of the ICF Calgary Chapter and in 2015, the ICF honoured her contributions by establishing the Diane Bonneau Coach Development Scholarship.

Dr. Avraham Cohen

Dr. Avraham Cohen


Drawing from over 50 years of counselling experience, Dr. Cohen helps challenge leaders to reach their unique potential through the transformative power of inner work. He enjoys working with people who are passionate about building a culture within their organization that supports the development of becoming more fully human while developing their skills. Dr. Cohen is the author of the book Becoming Fully Human Within Educational Environments (2015) and has co-authored Speaking of Learning: Recollections, Revelations and Realizations (2014) and Speaking of Teaching: Inclinations, Inspirations, and Innerworkings (2012). Dr. Cohen is a leading figure in Canada on process work and inner work.

Our Team

Our team of professionals has a wealth of knowledge from diverse backgrounds and experiences but they all share one vision: to transform leadership in the 21st century by building a culture of coaching at organizations, designed to help employees thrive.

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith

Corporate Programs Manager Leadership Coach / BBA, MCLC, Strategic HR Management Certificate

With a knack for relationship building and leadership development, Lisa has the ability to make a difference in organizations by helping leaders transform their culture. In addition to Lisa’s 15 years in Human Resources roles—including talent development, culture transformation and training and facilitation—she has been recognized for her community work, having received a Paul Harris Fellow, a United Way Spirit award and BC Human Rights award.

Sophie Bonneau

Sophie Bonneau

Leadership Coach / PCC, MA in Cognitive Sociology, EQI, Leadership Circle

Sophie is a professional coach with a Masters degree in Cognitive Sociology. With over 12 years of experience supporting people-focused strategies and elevating leadership priorities in organizations, she has a passion for working one-on-one to accelerate personal growth and professional development.

Gordon Aker

Gordon Aker

Executive Coach / PCC, Leadership Circle, B.Eng and M.Eng

Gordon is an executive coach who has a passion for the power of effective leadership to inspire exceptional performance in others and create sustainable value in organizations. He specializes in helping leaders move out of reactive and fear-based leadership styles (which we refer to as “below the line”) and towards their noble purpose using more thoughtful, responsive and creative forms of leadership. Gordon is known to bring his lighthearted humour, thoughtful perspectives and a deep commitment to professional service in support of human development.

Jackie Appleby

Jackie Appleby

Operations Manager

Jackie’s many years of experience working for large corporations has taught her that people are what matters most. As a lifelong learner who’s always ready to assist where needed, she brings a unique talent for building teams in a way that incorporates best practices in processes and technologies while keeping in mind the human aspect of a company.

Nihan Aygun

Nihan Aygun

Marketing and Communications

Nihan has worked in marketing communications for over 25 years in Istanbul, Toronto and across Europe at BBDO, DDB and Proximity. In 2010, she became a corporate coach working with senior executives. Nihan has currently combined her two careers by joining the Maslow team as our marketing and communications consultant.

The Terms

Self-actualization | [SELF-ACTU·AL·I·ZATION] NOUN

Self-actualization is the realization or fulfillment of one's talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

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