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Coaching Certification Programs Schedule


In the Spring 2021 Term (January-May), Maslow Centre for Executive Leadership will be offering the following coach training programs.

Please review the program details on each of the Certification pages to understand the content for each certification. If you have additional questions, register for one of our upcoming information webinars here or book an appointment with an Enrollment Advisor to personalize your learning plan

Note: All programs/modules have a summer intensive program. Please scroll down for details.

 Start DateEnd DateDayTime SlotTotalInstructorTA
M1 Foundations06-Feb27-MarSat8.00am-12.00pm PST8 weeksTiryakiTBC
M2 Leadership10-Apr22-MaySat8.00am-12.00pm PST8 weeksTiryakiTBC
M1 Foundations05-Feb26-MarFri12.00-4.00pm PST8 weeksTiryakiSmith
M2 Leadership09-Apr21-MayFri12.00-4.00pm PST8 weeksTiryakiSmith
Mastery in Coaching12-Mar28-MayFri8.00-10.00am PST10 weeksBonneauS. Bonneau
Inner Work18-Mar27-MayThur10.30am–12.30pm PST10 weeksCohenSmith


Start dateEnd DateDayTime SlotTotalInstructorTA
M1 Foundations05-May23-JunWed7:00-11:00 am PST8 WeeksTiryakiTBC
M2 Leadership 07-Jul25- AugWed7:00-11:00 am PST8 WeeksTiryakiTBC
M1 Foundations05-May23-JunWed12:00-4:00 pm PST8 WeeksTiryakiTBC
M1 Leadership07 -Jul23-JunWed12:00-4:00 pm PST8 WeeksTiryakiTBC
M3 Culture*22-Jul25-JulThur-Sun8:00-1:00 pm PST4 days*+TiryakiTBC
M4 Executive*29-Jul01-AugThur-Sun8:00-1:00 pm PST4 days*+TiryakiTBC
Mastery in Coaching TBCTBCTBCBonneauTBC
Inner Work For Leaders & CoachesTBCTBCTBCCohenTBC

*Culture Coaching and Executive Coaching has +5 months of group sessions, project work and mentorship between Aug-Dec 2021